Quick run, quick post…

12 Dec

Not sure where today has gone but, on days like today, it makes me glad that I try to get my weekday runs knocked out in the morning. I love running in the morning; that feeling of having brekkie knowing that, ‘exercise wise’, you are done for the day is great. My biggest issue however, is being able to push myself first thing.

I find much more pleasure in a long, slow run than in discovering my lactic limits. A fast twitch aficionado, N loves nothing more than pushing himself until a lactic wave washes over him – “…what is the point if it doesn’t make you feel sick?!”  Me? I’m a slow twitch kinda girl; sickness and exercise not a good combo in my world. I’d take a 10 miler over a sprint session any day. However, I have to admit the feeling after a hard run is pretty good, particularly when you make it home in half the time.

So this morning, in the interests of compromise, I mixed up my 4 mile run by adding in periods of speedier running. Averaged just over 8 min miles and felt really good on my return so maybe this is the way forward? Just need to find the desire and resolve to do this more often, particularly when it is dark and cold and the majority of South Birmingham are snuggled under their duvets.

Mixing up my running world is one of the main reasons that I would love to win the Asics 26.2 competition. In what has been one hectic week, I have fulfilled a commitment (made by me, kept by me) to post a short blog everyday and, I can assure you that I would bring the same level of dedication to the team and my own goals. If you fancy voting for me:

Register with runner’s world at http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/members/join.asp 

Validating your account through the email they send you.

THEN, visiting  http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/competitions/win-our-christmas-gift-guide-/374.html and vote for me.

P.s. for anyone following the fridge saga. New fridge secured and being delivered on Friday. Only 3 more days of garden refrigeration. Better stay below 5 degrees for the rest of the week! 🙂


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