Stretchy Sunday!

11 Dec

After a 13 mile effort yesterday, today is a ‘rest day’ for me . Well a rest from running anyway. It was, in fact, anything other than restful with a lengthy search for a replacement fridge and a new car. Progress is slow but I think that we are making headway on our refrigeration and transportation portfolio. Not the most inspirational way to spend the one day a week that N and I have off together but necessary none the less. The novelty of fetching in the milk from the garden is wearing a bit thin now!

Today had previously been reserved for the Christmas tree purchase and a lazy afternoon in front of Christmas movies – now that sounds more like it! Fortunately, half of this was covered yesterday when I managed to, almost literally, pick up a tree on my run home (running has SO many benefits) and so Target ‘Crimbo Spirit’ wasn’t a complete bust (plus Elf is now on Sky+ ;))

Aside from this, I mentioned to N that my lower back was quite stiff towards the end of my run yesterday; this immediately resulted in him checking the flexibility of my glutes, hip flexors, hamstrings etc and me recalling the great physio advice that Sarah Connors had offered at Bootcamp. As a Sports Science graduate and a regular consumer of physio for the last 12 years during his rugby career, N is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to physio and biomechanics. Much to his dismay however, I always tend to be more receptive to external advice particularly that which I have paid for! The fact that N’s and Sarah’s approach corresponded almost identically, made me truly appreciate that I am really lucky to have a fantastic and patient source of advice at home.

So here I am, on a Sunday night, with a new set of stretches (a combo of Sarah’s tips and N’s advice). I, like many other runners, probably don’t stretch enough and tend to get more focused on this only when I start to feel a niggle. So here’s to an early New Year’s Resolution – No. 1 – daily stretching…and this is one resolution I am absolutely going to have to keep if I am lucky enough to be voted through as one of the Asics Target 26.2 runners.

Under 48 hours left to vote now. If you haven’t already: 



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