Bye bye Weds 7th Dec – you won’t be missed…

7 Dec

OMG – what a day!!! Today I have wrestled with the following:

•a day so full of meetings I barely had chance to breathe let alone get any work done – not good when my ‘to do’ list appears to be growing by the second

•a poorly fridge who’s health appears to be going downhill rapidly. I fear it could be terminal

•supporting my husband to claim on his insurance and find a new car (his car was written off last week after someone decided to drive into the side of him). We have now been a one car household for a week and it makes you realise just how much we use both of our cars. I dream of being much more sustainable, embracing a regular run to work and relying on one car but with all of our existing commitments the last week has been a challenge to say the least

However, all of this was bearable as it is Weds. On a Weds, I run with my fabulous running group – Cocks Moors Woods Ladies; a chance to destress, download on our respective weeks and look forward to plans for our Sat run. Perfect – just what I needed! Except, as I discovered when I returned to my car with *just* enough time to get to running, I decided that at 7.45am this morning that it would be a good idea to leave my lights on ALL day. Aaaaaahh!!

Cue..flat battery, long (hungry) wait in the cold, several desperate calls to N to work out how I could get home, abandoned vehicle (RAC wait of 3 hours was not appealing) followed by…

…a good friend coming to my rescue, a lovely stir fry cooked by N on my return home, a fabulously warm welcome from Reg and a few sympathetic texts from my running group. Time enough to count my blessings and focus on tomorrow when I will fit in the missing run from tonight!

Tomorrow is another day and one that will hopefully be full of votes… as well as a run, a long walk to work and a xmas lunch so I promise a cheerier post 😉 xxx


2 Responses to “Bye bye Weds 7th Dec – you won’t be missed…”

  1. Troy December 8, 2011 at 6:29 am #

    Who do you think you are, Sarah Jessica-Parker? Hope you’re looking after N, tell him I miss him but I’m sure ‘we’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when…’

    T x

    Ps- Hope you’re well.

  2. ladeyjadey December 8, 2011 at 7:49 am #

    I wish, bar the nose. I’d take the style, body and def the shoes tho. We’re doing.a bit of looking after each other at the mo. N offers emotional support and in return he gets home management and an insurance brokerage service from me. Btw, he pines for you too.
    You better have voted for me!

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