The gorgeous Reginald and his quest to make me a winner of ASICS Target 26.2

6 Dec

Much to my suprise, I have been shortlisted for the Asics Target 26.2 Paris Marathon competition and would be ECSTATIC, ELATED, OVERJOYED, THRILLED (plus every other superlative you can think of) if you were to support me to reach my goal of breaking 4 hours for a marathon by voting me in. I am DELIGHTED to be classified by Runner’s World as a PB Hunter!! Does this make me a proper runner now?!

Why should you vote for me?

  • I have a PB of 4:00:13 – anyone who runs will appreciate that this is a cruel, cruel time and non-runners saying “…it is as good as breaking 4 hours” makes it grate that little bit more. Surely I could have found those 14 seconds somewhere? I blame the over zealous water station person who chased me      down as I took a bottle that still had the lid on it – grrrr!!
  • I am totally committed to not only make the most of this opportunity but to steadfastly support all others that are dedicated enough to train through these dark cold nights and mornings to reach the goal of a spring marathon. I am addicted to ‘challenges’ and have run two marathons, climbed Kilimanjaro and, so far, have raised almost £10,000 for good causes in my 30 short years
  • I have broken my hand, incurred a nasty infected knee and lost 2 (almost 3) of my toenails in pursuit of my running goals and I am still pounding the streets and trails (albeit a little more carefully). This is commitment – particularly if you understand the level of affection I hold for amazing shoes (that have now been resigned to the back of the wardrobe pending recovery of the feet).


  • I am ginger – if you didn’t feel sorry for me with point 1, I am hoping I might get your sympathy vote now
  • I run with an awesome running group – Cocks Moors Woods Ladies – great company, fantastic runners and the BEST name for a running group this side of the M5, if not, across the UK.
  • I have an amazing Border Terrier called Reg who occasionally joins me on my runs and will be a regular feature of my blog posts. Now for the shameless cute picture to get your vote:

The fabulous Reginald Bressington

If this doesn’t grab your heart nothing will!*

*unless of course you are a hardcore dedicated runner who dislikes dogs with a passion. In that case, please refer to point 1 above and I am sure that will pull on your heartstrings.


p.s. If you are not already a member of Runner’s World then you can join for free at You will need to join to vote!

Thanks very much!

LadeyJadey Bressington (so named by one of the guides that I climbed Kilimanjaro with, also called Reg!)


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